Instant Alarm Notification/Management

remote access

EMERgency24 has the ability to inform home/business owners instantaneously when an alarm event happens at a protected dwelling. These messages can be sent to a cell phone, e-mail account or via a text messaging device.

Home/Business owners can also have the ability to manage their alarm system remotely depending on the type of equipment. This capability is a big step toward building automation and allows you to control and glean information from their alarm system while away from the premise.

See below for some examples of uses, but please note that some functions are restricted to certain service plans.


 Arm System
In the event that you left your home/business and are unsure if the system is armed, you can verify system status and, if necessary, arm it.
 Arm/Disarm Notification
This function allows you to be notified when your system has been armed or disarmed outside of stated hours.
Disarm System
At times, a home/business owner may need to provide access to a person who has a key to the premise without giving them an access code.
Manage User Codes
If you are away and need to add or delete a user code, you can do so remotely.
Device Activation
Home/Business owners often need to activate systems or devices within the protected property without having to return to the premises. This function can be used for an array of devices, including garage doors and thermostats.
 Access to Dangerous Area Notification
To ensure safety and privacy, business owners can receive notification when a specified zone within their system has been breached. This is excellent for chemical storage closets that house hazardous materials.
 Notification of Power Failure
Power loss can be more than inconvenient it can be costly and dangerous at some businesses if the situation is not addressed immediately.
 Notification of Abnormal Temperatures
Alarm owners can receive alerts when there are dramatic temperature swings that can be detrimental to occupants, equipment or stored materials.
Business owners can be kept apprised intruder emergency situations and dispatches as soon as incidents happen.
 Medical Alerts
Should there ever be a medical emergency that requires dispatch, business owners can be informed immediately.
 Notification of Moisture/Leaks
Water damage is responsible for 60 percent of all insurance property claims. By knowing when water is detected, business owners can minimize the damage.
 Notification of HVAC Water Trouble
Water can cause serious damage and interrupt business operations. Installing water sensors in drain pans and notifying the appropriate person can save thousands of dollars.
 Grill Hood Suppression Trouble/Discharge Notification
Alarm owners can learn of a grill hood discharge when it happens so to alert of emergency situations.
 Fire Doors Shrinkage Notification
To help minimize theft, AKA shrinkage, a notification can be sent every time emergency exit doors are accessed to ensure these are used only for testing or evacuation.
 Chemical Storage Security Notification
Notification of entry into volatile-material storage areas can help avert environmental damage, reduce opportunity for theft and protect the wellbeing of building occupants.

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