Environmental Alarms

Today’s home/business owners can keep tabs on the environmental condition of their properties by integrating this function into their alarm system. Perfect for businesses that are not staffed 24 hours day or homeowner that travel, environmental alarms can help protect against frozen pipes, water damage or most any other situation, by alerting of local conditions that are determined to be out of the ordinary.
What is an Environmental Alarm?
Designed to supplement your business alarm system, environmental monitoring provides you with peace of mind while away from your business. Whether it is your corporate office or a satellite branch, the detection of environmental trouble can help minimize property damage and the headaches related to extensive repairs.
Temperature: Monitor highs and lows within an area or the entire facility using sensors set to advise when levels vary outside of pre-determined settings.
Humidity: Be aware of the moisture in the air both “highs and lows” with an output switch that can easily be wired to an existing alarm panel.
Water: Should the pipes burst or the sewer back up, business owners can minimize damage if unwanted water is detected quickly.

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